Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Swimming Pool Mannequin Challenge

Today Team Awa decided to attempt the mannequin challenge in the swimming pool.  Here is a video of our attempt in the school pool. It wasn't easy to stay still.

Friday, 18 November 2016

Team Awa's last assembly

Today was our last assembly for the year. We had lots of parents come and celebrate with us. THANKS Parents!
Here are just a couple of things we presented at our assembly.

This is a slideshow of our Hundertwasser mountain to the sea artwork. We used pastel for the background and collage, with different materials, for the fish.

This is a video of the Mannequin challenge that we did in class. We had lots of fun creating this.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Team Awa's Movie

Here is the movie Team Awa made for the Ohaeawai School movie competition. We chose to show how the use of mountains, rivers and seas have changed over time. We also showed the impact people have had on the different environments. We were chosen as one of three movies to be shown at the Kaikohekohe Trust film festival in Kawakawa. Sam and Charlie-Gurl introduced our movie at the film festival.

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Greats and Grands Day

On Friday we had our annual Greats and Grands Day at School. There was an awesome turnout of Grandparents. This was a very special day. The school performed for the grandparents then had a shared morning tea with them.

After morning tea the children showed their grandparents their chrome books. They showed them how to access and comment on their blog.

Here are a couple of photos of Room 1 children showing their grandparents their blogs and learning.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Life Education and Duffy Theatre

A very busy day today. We had a visit from the Duffy Theatre for a fun show about travel in a time machine and the importance of reading.

We also had our second visit to Harold in the Life Education classroom. We learnt about having empathy for others and being resilient. We also learnt about mind master and head hassler. This is about making red light / green light choices.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Crazy about Bees

We have been 'busy as bees' in Room 1 and 2 learning about Bees and creating DLO's. We have created videos about how bees make honey using either WeVideo or Google Slides along with Screencastify. We have also made QR codes of our videos and put them onto our wall to share with others.

Our display of QR codes for the videos.
An example of the poster with the QR code.
An explanation about the dance of the honeybee.

Thursday, 8 September 2016


On Tuesday we all had a great morning for Hero Day. The ambulance, police and fire service came along to share their role in the community with us and talk to us why they are heroes. There were lots of fun activities. We got to crawl through a tunnel to practise get down, get low, get out if our house is on fire. The police recorded how fast we could run using their speed camera. Mosese was the fastest! We also got to have turns on the different stretches in an ambulance.
Here are some photos of our day.
The tunnel!

Checking out the fire truck.

Checking out the chair stretcher.

The Challenge Tunnel
 Then they challenge the school to a tug of war using a fire hose. It was the emergency services against the senior school. The emergency services won 2 out of the 3. 
The emergency service team.

The Senior Team

Friday, 2 September 2016

Honey Bees

For reading we have been learning how to skim and scan for information. Then find key words and write the facts into our words. This week we read a book about Honey Bees. We used google drawing to explain the different parts of the book about honey bees. Each group read a different chapter from the book and have created their own drawing to explain. We have put them all together in a slide.

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Recycled Musical Instruments

For Art this term we created musical instruments from recycled materials. We had to plan our design and decide what materials to use. We then used our instruments to play Three Little Birds by Bob Marley.
Here we are performing it at our assembly

Monday, 22 August 2016

Olympics Day

On Friday we had our Olympics Sport Day, run by our Senior School.  We were all given a card that listed all the sports and activities available.  We got to choose which activity or sports we wanted to do. Each one we competed in gave us points. The children with the most points won the gold, silver and bronze medals. For Team Awa Sam won the gold, Antonio won the silver and Deevon won the bronze. Everyone had a great time. Here are a few pictures of our day.


In maths, we have been working hard at solving addition and subtraction problems using a strategy instead of counting. For addition, we have been making a tidy number first then adding the rest on.

For subtraction, we have been doing it by splitting the number into parts. We are getting very clever at using these strategies. We starting subtracting one digit numbers and splitting them but now we are challenging ourselves and subtracting small two digit numbers.

Here are two videos explaining subtraction in parts.

Solving the subtraction problem 45 - 16, by splitting the 6 in 16 into parts.

Solving the subtraction problem of 81 - 17.

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Term Three

Welcome to Term Three
This term is going to fly by very quickly with it being a short term. Team Awa have lots planned so watch this space to check out what we have been up to. We are busy planning our movies for the Movie Night, learning about measuring perimeter, area, capacity/volume and weight and creating musical instruments from recycled materials this week.

Friday, 1 July 2016

Rippa Rugby Tournament

This week we had the year 3s and 4s from Pakaraka and Oromahoe school come and play against us in rippa rugby. We had a great time running around trying to rip off the other teams tags.

Reed scoring a try

Cassidy scoring a try

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Partly Cloudy Cameos

Here are some Partly Cloudy cameos written by the students after watching the Partly Cloudy video clip. The students have been learning to use adverbs as sentence starters in their writing.

Partly Cloudy

Happily the stroke delivered an adorable blond white baby to the woman’s window. Tiredly the two ginger kittens went in the tall brown house. The trees swayed side to side waiting for the stroke to deliver the kittens. The bag swung side to side waiting for the drop. Happily James the cloud created an adorable young white rugby player baby. Boom crash the lightning struck the cloud statue to create a brown and black dog. Lonely thunder the cloud hid the creation he tried to make. Dangerously the featherless burnt stroke rushed to the cloud waiting for a dangerous the package. Sadly the stroke badly lost his feathers in pain.
Angrily the storm cloud felt Angry because the pain,featherless stroke ditched him. Happily the stroke came back to his best friend. Excitedly the stork put on the protective armor so he didn’t get hurt. Thunder the storm cloud felt really happy because the stroke came back for his friend.
By Amethyst

Partly cloudy

Swiftly the birds flew down to the wooden houses delivering cute baby kittens. Slowly the big birds gave the cute little animals a home. Then they flew into the nice soft clouds swiftly. Magically the big fluffy clouds made little cute animals. They bagged the little cute animals carefully. Sadly there was a little grey cloud below. Soon bird came over to it. The sad cloud was suddenly so happy. The cloud made a crocodile and bagged it up. Then the sad cloud made a ram. Fastly the ram bucked the big bird. The bird looked up and saw a happy bird. Slowly he flew away with the ram. Worriedly he got back not sure what he might find. The sad cloud created a hedgehog. He bagged it up and the bird took it away. He flew to the cloud above. The sad cloud got super angry striking lightning. He started to cry creating rain below. Happily the cloud above gave the bird armour. Happily the sad cloud wiped away his tears. He made an electric eel. Softly they cuddled each other.
By Antonio

Partly Cloudy

Happily and quietly the birds swooped down to drop the cute little babies to the green old houses. Quickly the fluffy white birds dropped the cute babies down to the house windows. Suddenly the white wings on the birds swayed side to side delivering the cute animals off at their homes. Swish sway! The white birds flew into the pink clouds that were jumping side to side in the light blue sky. Quickly the birds flew through the pink clouds. They landed into the sky where the clouds made babies. They are all cute. Happily the pink clouds made the babies with their fluffy pink hands. Sadly the grey and white cloud stayed below the pink cloud group. Happily the grey and white cloud used his hands to roll up a snappy baby crocodile. An old bird flew over to the cloud. Aggressively the old bird flew with the snappy crocodile who was trying to get out of the bag. Suddenly the bird came back to the grey and white cloud with hardly any feathers. The stork didn’t know the storm cloud was making an aggressive ram. Rolling the fluffy cloud, the storm cloud made a porcupine. Happily the cloud handed it to the stork. Suddenly the stork started to juggle the porcupine up and down. “What a spiky porcupine!” the stork said. The porcupine had lots of sharp prickles all over its body. Sadly the stork came back and saw what the storm cloud had made. The old stork flew up to the pink clouds. The storm cloud felt really angry. Angrily the storm cloud had lots of anger building up and started to get really mad. Suddenly the storm cloud got bigger and bigger and angrier. Suddenly he started to cry. Kindly the old stork came back to the storm cloud and had a bag of football armour with him to stop him getting hurt. Happily the stork ran into the storm clouds arms and gave him a big hug. The storm cloud made an electric eel buzzzz. The eel gave the stork an electric shock but that didn’t worry the stork. So off went the stork to deliver the baby eel.
By Louisa

Thursday, 16 June 2016

A Drone Arrives

Today we were very lucky, Anzac Leaf brought his drone into the school and showed us how it worked. It was amazing. It flew high and the blades were like a helicopter's blade, rotating very quickly. As the drone prepared to land on the grass, the grass swayed from side to side, just like when a helicopter lands on the grass. He took some amazing pictures of us and the school. Then he took a small group of seniors up to Lake Omapere to capture some shots as part of their Mountain to the Sea Inquiry.

Here is a shot of our school. Isn't it amazing.

Monday, 13 June 2016

Maths Learning

For maths we have started working in small groups to solve multiplication and division problems. We need to work together to solve the problems using a range of different strategies. Everyone in the group must know how to solve the problem so lots of teaching and learning is taking place as they work together.  They are able to use a variety of different resources to help us solve the problems. Eg Materials, Whiteboards, Explain Everything app on the Ipad.
Here are some pictures of the groups working together and our slide show of the answers and how we have solved them.

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Matariki at Waitangi

Team Awa and Team Maunga had an awesome time at Waitangi for their Matariki Day.  The weather wasn't very nice and the wind was fierce but the children were very enthusiastic.
The children took part in making kites from nikau palms. They had to weave each side of the stalk to make a manu wahine kite. The kites flew very well in the weather and the children enjoyed running and flying their kites.They also played traditional Maori games, before having a tug of war challenge - boys vs girls.

We were also treated to a performance by their Kapa Haka group which the children loved.

Dwayne helping Magic and Jessica with their kite.
Enzo and Jack weaving their kite.
Miss Owen helping Kayne to carefully weave his kite.
Reed and Mosese - very proud of their kite.

Team Awa with the Manu Wahine (Kites)

Playing the stick game (left/right)

The Tug of War - check out those GIRLS!!!

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Water Cycle

We have been investigating the water cycle. We were wanting to find out where water comes from and which way does water flow. Some children believe it goes from the mountain to the Sea and some children believe it goes from the sea to the mountain.
We decided to carry out a little experiment to help us understand about the water cycle. We created our water cycle in a bag. Here is some pictures of our experiment and a little video explaining what happens.