Sunday, 16 October 2016

Greats and Grands Day

On Friday we had our annual Greats and Grands Day at School. There was an awesome turnout of Grandparents. This was a very special day. The school performed for the grandparents then had a shared morning tea with them.

After morning tea the children showed their grandparents their chrome books. They showed them how to access and comment on their blog.

Here are a couple of photos of Room 1 children showing their grandparents their blogs and learning.


  1. Hi my name is Beni short for Bendeguz. I am a year four learner.
    I like how you where working together and talking to each other.

  2. Hi there, my name is Fehi and I am a student in Setoga class at Hay Park School. I really like how you let your grandparent come and see your learning. It made me think of me and my grandma and grandpa together. Have you thought about making a screencastify about how much things your grandparents learned about you. If you would like to see my learning, please visit My Blog