Sunday, 29 March 2015

Rally Car Co-Driver

On Thursday we had Lindsay visit our school for the Duffy Role Model Assembly. She is a rally car co-driver for her husband and son. She told us all about the protective clothing and equipment that she wears to keep herself safe during a race. Lindsay also gave us lots of time to ask questions. Everyone asked really good questions and we learnt lots about Lindsay and her forty years of rally car driving and being a co-driver.

Here is Lindsay with her race helmet. It has a microphone and speakers so she can talk to her driver.
This is Lindsay holding up an OK sign. They use this sign if they have stopped in a race but they are OK. If something is wrong they hold up an SOS sign and the next car has to stop.

Monday, 16 March 2015

Filling our Kete

This term our theme is Filling our Kete with Character. Everyone took home the digital camera and took photos of how we fill ours and our families kete at home.  We then used the pictures to create a video. Here is our class video. If you want to see individual videos you can check them out on the children's blogs.