Sunday, 17 May 2015

Narrative Writing

We have been focusing on narrative writing for the past three weeks. We have been using silent videos to motivate us to write narratives using the correct structure and language.  Here are two narratives that the children have written.
Marshmallows by Lilly and Hunted by Braeden
Once upon a time in the dark woods there was a little boy camping. He had built a campfire and he was roasting marshmallows. Then a fat green monster that loved marshmallows came out the water and came sneaking behind the boy. “Greee!! ahaaa!!” yelled the little boy. He held up a stick with a marshmallow on it. The monster looked at the boy with puppy dog eyes. He really wanted the marshmallow. So the boy took the marshmallow off the stick and the monster ate the marshmallow.  Then he threw one up in the air for him.  The monster was so happy.  Snatch! the monster grabbed the last marshmallow from his hand. The boy was shocked. He went to get another one when he realized there were no more left. The monster got mad and started to chase the little boy. Then he saw the pillow so he grabbed the pillow and held it in front of him. Yes, it looked like a marshmallow, he thought.  He chucked the pillow and the monster ran after it. The boy ran away into the woods screaming. 
The monster was happy. He put the pillow on a stick and held it by the fire but it turned into dust. He felt sad and sat and stared at the moon.

Once upon a time in a jungle full of palms and bushes there lived a jungle boy with blue eyes and brown skin. He was very hungry. One night he popped out from behind a tree and could smell something good. He followed the smell over wooden boxes of all shapes and sizes until he saw a cooked chicken. He ran up to get it but he fell into a hole. He had been trapped in the hole by a hunter. The hunter used a camera flash and blinded the boy. 
When he woke up he was chained up, upside down.The hunter showed the boy the chicken wishbone and said “this could be your lucky day.” They pulled the wishbone and the boy won. He used the bone to undo the lock and started to run. The hunter chased him and started to catch up. The jungle boy ran as fast as he could until he reached a hole. The hunter grabbed him. Suddenly the boy saw the camera and flash and blinded him. 15 seconds later the hunter woke up and started to chase him like a gorilla. The jungle boy raced through an animal cage and the hunter followed him and got knocked out by the bars. 
When he woke up he was trapped in the cage, hanging on bamboo sticks. He looked down and there were a whole lot of jungle people dancing and singing around him.