Thursday, 27 August 2015

Lots of Exercise

Yesterday was our Cross Country. Everyone ran really well and lots of Room 9 came in the top 20. Our 8 year girls did extremely well. 1st Arlia, 2nd Jessica, 3rd Tylah, 4th Lani and 5th Bailey.

Today we had Mel and her team come in and teach us some softball skills. We all had a really great time. Room 9 have some amazing hitters in the class.

Saturday, 22 August 2015

The Science Fair

Everyone had a great time on Wednesday at the Science Fair. The children really enjoyed sharing their experiments with the rest of the school and seeing what the other classes did. The mini cannon from Room 2 was a hit. The juniors really liked our hovercrafts and balloon rockets.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Science Experiments in Action

Here are some videos the children created in iMovie of their experiments in action.

Monday, 17 August 2015

Preparing for Science Fair

Today we worked hard on getting our Science Boards finished off for the Science Fair on Wednesday. The children have been very engaged in their learning and have created some lovely pieces of work.

Here are some photos of the finished boards so far. 

Lukas, TeAorangi and Freedom with Hovercraft
Max, Cyprus and Jayden with Loop the Loop
Lani, Kirsten and Kate with Balloon Rocket
Tylah and Taylor with Rolling Uphill
Bailey and (Arlia Absent) with Parachute
Ryan, Hollie and Tae with Hovercraft
Jessica, Lilly and Braeden with Balloon Rocket

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Such a Busy Day

What a busy day of learning and having fun for Room 9. We started our day with doing our science experiments and starting our science boards for the Science Fair next week. At 12 o'clock Mr John Carter came and spoke to us and presented us with our Duffy Books. Then this afternoon we had another session with Mr Bell on the bikes. We learnt how to ride with one hand, use signals, look behind us as we ride and we played a cool game called foot down. TeAorangi was our champ!!!!

Here are some pictures of us busy with our science stuff. We were all very engaged in our learning.

Tae and Ryan discussing their science board.
Roman very focused on creating his balloon car.
The girls making different shapes.
Max and Jayden working on their presentation.
Kate with her Balloon Rocket method.
Te Aranui very focused.
Jess and Lilly very proud of their Title

Monday, 10 August 2015


Today we had Anouk here to talk to us about recycling and how important it is for the planet. Did you know that a rugby field 30 stories high of rubbish is dumped every month. (That is as high as the sky tower) We had to sort a bag of rubbish into reuse, recycle, compost and landfill. Most of the items that came under landfill were packages from food such as chippies and muesli bars. Here are some pictures of the groups sorting their items into the right category.

Thursday, 6 August 2015


Today we had our first session with Stuart Bell on the bikes. We learnt how to fit our helmet properly so that it is safe. We also learnt how to stop using both brakes on the handle bars. Here is a slideshow of pictures.

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Ratu to Ramere

Well what a busy Maori Language week we had with lots of wero (challenges) set by Whaea Sally and Mrs Clarke.
Our two favourite kupu were:
Tumeke - Choice
Ka Rawe - Awesome

We also were busy carrying out science experiments relating to physics.
*Incredible Hoop Glider
*Swinging Good Time (Pendulums)

TeAorangi and Freedom putting their hoops together.

Carefully measuring out 1cm.

Kate and Kyra's Hoop Gliders
Lani and Braeden's Gliders
Flying our Hoop Gliders

We found out that the size of the hoops affect how well and how far the Hop Glider flies.