Thursday, 3 April 2014

Buzzy Bees

We have made our own buzzy bees from egg cartons.  
 Our buzzy bee before we added the wings and antennae.

Honey Place

We had an amazing class trip today to The Honey Place in Kerikeri.  We got to experience what it is like in a beehive, in the biggest beehive in New Zealand and Australia.  We got to see the Queen bee laying eggs, the worker bees looking after and feeding the babies and even the worker bees doing the waggle dance.  It was truly amazing to watch the bees in action and see everything that we have learnt in action.
We even got to taste some different types of honey.  When we returned to school we made our own wax candles.
 The biggest hive in New Zealand.
Bees at work inside the hive. 
 Can you spot the Queen bee?  All the worker bees form a circle and turn to face the Queen.
Back at school making our wax candles.