Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Team Awa's Movie

Here is the movie Team Awa made for the Ohaeawai School movie competition. We chose to show how the use of mountains, rivers and seas have changed over time. We also showed the impact people have had on the different environments. We were chosen as one of three movies to be shown at the Kaikohekohe Trust film festival in Kawakawa. Sam and Charlie-Gurl introduced our movie at the film festival.


  1. Hi my name is Andrew and i am in room 9 at hay park school how do do back grounds on a video? also how do you speak in maroihow do you know when it is time to say your part. Thankyou from Andrew

  2. Hi my name is sela and im in setoga class at haypark school do you use imovie? try using stupflix
    From sela

  3. Hi my name is hadiya and i am in room 9 at hay park school how do you people do good staff like on a video can you pleaces tell us when you can.that is a great video ever in my life.