Friday, 4 March 2016

Te Ahuahu Recounts

Here are some recounts written by the children after our whole school trip to TeAhuahu.

Te AhuAhu hikoi

Eekkk! The bus parked on the dusty metal road. We all stood in a line like trees and started walking up the mountain. It stood tall and proud. We started moaning as we got to the first hill. “It’s so hot,” Sara groaned. “My legs are sore,” moaned Cerys. “We’re almost there,””Mrs Craig announced . “I can see Indis house,” I screeched. “That means we’re half way up the mountain, YAY!” we all yelled. We ran up in front. Finally we got there. We sat down to rest and check out the view. Suddenly a black truck pulled up on the lush green grass. Tena koutou, tena koutou,tena koutou katoa.  My name is Hone. Here is a story about the mountains long ago. Once the mountains were all together. One day they got mad with each other so they exploded. “Question time,” he said.
Ok everyone, it's lunchtime now! “Yay!” I shouted as my tummy rumbled. We went down the mountain a little bit to eat. I was starving we munched my lunch and zoomed down the mountain first ,second third we yelled as we raced to the bottom of the mountain .
by Deevon

Stomp stomp! We finally arrived at TeAhuAhu mountain.Oooo!” I screamed. I had stepped in cow poo. It was as warm as a pillow. It was time to march up the giant hill like soldiers. I was burning hot from the hot golden sun. I have a gulp of water. “Are we there yet?” I moaned. “Nooo!!!” Kayne shouted. It was tiring. Only one more gate!!! My legs were wobbling like jelly. Finally we made it to the top of TeAhuAhu mountain. It was so huge. I could see the other half of the school walking slowly up the mountain. The view was incredible.  Hone told us about our ancestors living on the mountain. Finally it was time for lunch. I could hear birds and grasshoppers singing their tune. After a while it was time to march back down. While we were walking down we could hear turkeys and and see cows. I really enjoyed the walk because I saw lots and learnt lots.
By Mosese

“Yippie!” I shouted as the bus took of towards the great big hill. I was so excited until… I saw the size of it! ‘“Do we need to?’’ I laughed. ‘’Yes we do’’ cried Mrs Clark. We started walking. I was  tired the whole way. Finally we reached the top. “Amazing view isn't it,’’ I told Leonor. “Yep,” she replied. I just sat down for some lunch when I needed to move and put my lunch away. “Sit here please Georgia,’’ instructed Mrs Ritchie. We had a little talk with a man called Hone about the mountain. Soon we had some lunch and a short walk back down. ‘’Best day ever!’’ I shouted.

By Georgia

Beep Beep. “Bus is here,”explained Mrs Craig. “Crystal your turn to hop on to the bus.” “Ok” I shouted to Mrs Craig. “Where do I sit Mrs Craig?” Anywhere she told me. So I sat by Max. We played I dare you. I dared him to run up the giant hill.
Finally we got to the track and began our walk up. Max took off. I was so impressed. As I walked I could hear the birds singing and the cows mooing. I was hot from the bright shining sun. I felt really tired by the time I got to the top of the grassy mountain. My legs felt sore. Hone explained that Te AhuAhu was the highest point of Rawhitiroa. The view from the top was beautiful. From the mountain we could see Russell and the Hokianga.  Hone did a karakia for us and told us about world war 1 and 2. After that we had lunch.
By the time we got to the bottom of the mountain I was so tired.
By Cyrstal

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