Monday, 8 December 2014

Year Four Camp

Well we all had a fantastic time last week at Year Four Camp at Cooper's Beach. We stayed at the Cooper's Beach Christian Camp. The weather was stunning and we did lots of fun activities. We visited the rock pools and checked out all the creatures living there. We challenged ourselves on the confidence course and sped down the waterslide, slipping ans sliding everywhere. Mrs Craig even gave it a go! We also went fishing off Whangaroa Wharf. Jessica, Stella and Arlo caught keepers, Matilda caught some bait and all the others were too small so we had to throw them back. Congratulations to Arlo who caught the first fish but threw it back to keep Tangaroa happy. Thanks to all the parent helpers who helped to look after us. We all had a blast!
Here are a few photos of us at the Rock Pools.  We will post some more photos later.

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